Wednesday, September 22, 2010
- ♥ muffin~ =3 -
obviously it is not de muffin that we usually eat in kenny rogers
it is de name we have for our pet dog
a male shih tzu~ =)

i always wanted a dog but i am just way too lazy to takecare of one

well then there's one day (18th of Sept 2010)
somehow we (meaning me & my boyfriend) were talking about dogs
there is this urge for us to feel like keeping one
we even google & went to check out de price for dogs

after some survey online
we decided to go to de pet shop de next day (19th of Sept 2010) to check out de actual price & see if there is any available dog

& there is where we met muffin~ =)

he is a adorable dog where he combines his (my boyfriend) lansi-ness & my manja-ness (according to my boyfriend) & our both laziness as well XD

so we got him on that same day
although i don't really have a thing for shih tzu (i always wanted a poodle or dachshund or chihuahua)

however this muffin is truly unique

believe it or not
we spent like a day or two to actually come up with his name
gosh it is like so hard to name a dog (for me)
i mean a good name

although i wasn't really sure if muffin this name suits him
but at least he kinda respond to his name when we call him =)

he was like so noisy on de first night (gosh!!!)
well it was probably because of he wasn't comfort with his dirty body
as he kept poo & pee & step on what he did ==
& there is where we found out that he actually really like to be clean~

& also due to he is growing teeth at de moment
he kept making noises & bite human (mostly me) & de cage
so de next day my boyfriend went to get him a toy so that he got something to bite & play with when we are busy
*it is really a crazy looking toy he has there*

well i don't know what is de definition of play (like swing de toy here & there?)
but i know that he love to use de toy as his pillow or bolster
to sleep or rest his head on it XD

cute no? =3

but he is definitely a naughty one at times
i hope he won't be that naughty when he grow bigger *pray hard*

anyway it concludes my post for our muffin =)
*to muffin: see la how powerful you are! i purposely update blog because of you lo! XD*
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