Sunday, April 25, 2010
- Ti-Ratana family day -

as you see from de title n de picture
today (25.04.10) i went to help out my aunties in this Ti-Ratana Family Day Food & Fun Fair

it's more like a charity work
where we sell things like foods, beverages, clothes, vege, this n that
n all de money we got from de selling will goes into de charity fund
to help orphans, old folks, n unfortunate disabled people

for our booth we're selling all these

de whole booth is so full of these foods n sweet soups n it's so scary~

anyway i stayed overnight at my aunties place on saturday night
n woke up at 0630am to help out in packing foods into plastic bags n containers

then we start off from home around 7something or 8am i guess
when we reach there
de place is already full with PEOPLES n CARS
* scary *

n this is what i called people mountain people sea~

okay la some of de pictures are not that full of people la

but hell what do you expect?
i am not a professional photographer lo okay?

n this is what i don't really like bout fun fairs
too crowd-y n everyone is like packed in a sardine can
* erm perhaps it's a berry big one in this case *

it was just some shouting to ask people to come n buy our foods n sweet soups
it starts off like this

Me : NASI LEMAK! Curry Puff~ Nyonya kuih. tong sui..

it's like my voice is getting lower n lower
ah~ i am so not a sales-girl type of person

oh well after all i'm shy~~~
* well obviously that's a lie n probably i'm just too lazy to shout XD *

anyway i don't think i'm being very helpful though
as i was suppose to be berry busy yet i still got de time to camwhore

typical "sik yeh mm zhou yeh, zhou yeh da lan yeh"
hey! but at least i never break any plates or what lo okay? XD

* ka-chak *

* ka-chak chak *

* ka-chak chak chak *

* ka-chak chak chak chak *

* ka-chak chak chak chak chak *

enough of my camwhore pictures n back to de fair XD

oh yea n i think there was some dog show as well
since there is like so many people bringing their dogs here

aww they are all so cuddly n cute~

just managed to take one of de dogs picture though
cause it was de only one stopped near our booth ==

ah yea~
something weird is they even have charity haircut n charity reflexology!
some unique ideas for charity eh?

oh well as long as it helps =)

then all sellings ended at 2pm * sharp *

n there goes my sunday
i reach home around 3pm n i am exhausted!!!

oh well
this whole charity selling help out thing earned me

a pair of unwashable-unwearable-cover-with-mud-dirty flats
* n it is my favourite pair of flats sob *

n fatigue~

i need sleep
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