Friday, February 26, 2010
- surprise..surprised ~ -
Date : 25th of February 2010
Time : 0215pm
Location : Silverlake @ KPMG Tower

*Phone rang*

Guy : Hello, is this Ms. Chuilynn Wong?
Me : Er, yes.
Guy : Could you come to the reception for a moment, i've got something here for you.
Me : Er, OKAY.

*Scratch head*

*Get out from my seat, walk to reception counter*

*Saw a delivery guy at the reception counter*

Guy : Ms. Chuilynn Wong?
Me : Er, yes.
Guy : Ok, this is for you.

*Hand me a bouquet of white roses*

Guy : n could you please sign here?

*Look at the gift delivery order sheet, hand's shaking, n signed on the paper*

Guy : Thank you

*Fold the copy of the delivery order sheet n put it into a big paper bag*

Guy : I put it into this bag k? Oh n there is a card inside this bag as well.

*Stunned for a moment*

Me : Oh, oh! Thanks.

*Took the bouquet n paper bag with me n walk out from the reception counter*

*Walk back to my seat n received a sms*

Message : Surprise? *From dear~*

*Blush n smile*

i really never thought that you will give me such a surprise

i love it!
thank you dear~ *muacx* =)

favourite colour for rose, white~ =3
*although it doesn't really look that white but still love it!*

looks like teddie no? =D
teddie got a big brother now =3

honestly i'm really really touched
thank you dear~

I Love You!
chuilynn says at 5:14:00 PM
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