Tuesday, February 16, 2010
- happy chinese new year! =D -
yea yea i'm know i'm late since it's already de 3rd day of cny
but hell i don't care XD

when i was a kid (primary n secondary school time)
i always looking forward to CNY
of cause one of de reason is de angpau then another one is de holiday

during college time
erm not so
CNY is just a normal occasion/festival to me
* except for de angpau part >) *

this year still was feeling a little bit normal
not much of de celebrating CNY mood

but i'm really happy somehow this year
to see all de family members gathered
de laughter de chit chat
de gambling session
mahjong cards

i love it when family gather around
having meals together
laugh n talk while we eat
that feeling is great!

n not forgetting our new family member
my niece, Alexis
cute girl she is
love to smile * aww how sweet *

for chinese people CNY is a new chapter
i hope this coming years will be great
greater than last year, for my family, for my love, for my friends, n for me!

Happy Chinese New Year
wish you all have a Healthy, Joyful n Prosperous year ahead!

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