Wednesday, February 17, 2010
- clear clear clear! -
i'm gonna clear my facebook friend's request
like finally~ XD

all these while i only add people that i know
n also those who take de effort to message me
some were just to add people just for de sake of boosting their friends list?

300+ of pending friend requests yet to be ignore~

people kept on adding
n i kept ignoring them *without clicking de ignore button*

so it ended up this amount of pending friend requests ==

so now i finally decided to ignore them

tough job!

half way through clicking de ignore button
thought i've ignored at least 200 of them
who knows it's not even half!

later on done with de friend request
i've still got those invitations to ignore somemore ==

press ignore til my eyes blur blur @.@
all those invitations n requests is like take me forever to ignore all

* after some while *

finally i've clear all de invitations n requests! =D

apparently there is a "ignore all" link but i realize that a little too late ==
i wonder does it actually work
chuilynn says at 1:01:00 PM
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