Saturday, February 20, 2010
- 2010 CNY ROCKS! =D -
i love my 2010 CNY~
seems like my luck is with me all de way~

in gambling i think i won almost 100bucks this year
have most luck in Mahjong n Blackjack

not so in "In Between" though
* damn i hate that game >.< *

n i've hosted a mini CNY party at my place on thursday (18th of February 2010)
it is actually my first time being a host XD

i really had fun
n i hope all my friends did too
* even though i won some amount of money from them XD *

my 2010 CNY ROCKS! =D

anyway that wasn't really what i wanted to blog about
look at my blog title

sometimes i really don't understand why i love grocery shopping so much ==

yeah~ my food supply
check out de amount of food i bought ==

n compare with my housemate's

mine on de left, theirs on de right ==

oh these two are mine as well
i've got not enough space to place them in de cupboard >.<

n now what
CNY we've got CNY cookies n stuff

my mom packed some for me before i start off to kl

just look at de amount of food!

now i'm wondering
how am i suppose to finish all these food >.<

apparently there is no more grocery shopping for me til i finish all these food ==

maybe i should bring back some for JC Chin~ XD
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