Friday, February 26, 2010
- surprise..surprised ~ -
Date : 25th of February 2010
Time : 0215pm
Location : Silverlake @ KPMG Tower

*Phone rang*

Guy : Hello, is this Ms. Chuilynn Wong?
Me : Er, yes.
Guy : Could you come to the reception for a moment, i've got something here for you.
Me : Er, OKAY.

*Scratch head*

*Get out from my seat, walk to reception counter*

*Saw a delivery guy at the reception counter*

Guy : Ms. Chuilynn Wong?
Me : Er, yes.
Guy : Ok, this is for you.

*Hand me a bouquet of white roses*

Guy : n could you please sign here?

*Look at the gift delivery order sheet, hand's shaking, n signed on the paper*

Guy : Thank you

*Fold the copy of the delivery order sheet n put it into a big paper bag*

Guy : I put it into this bag k? Oh n there is a card inside this bag as well.

*Stunned for a moment*

Me : Oh, oh! Thanks.

*Took the bouquet n paper bag with me n walk out from the reception counter*

*Walk back to my seat n received a sms*

Message : Surprise? *From dear~*

*Blush n smile*

i really never thought that you will give me such a surprise

i love it!
thank you dear~ *muacx* =)

favourite colour for rose, white~ =3
*although it doesn't really look that white but still love it!*

looks like teddie no? =D
teddie got a big brother now =3

honestly i'm really really touched
thank you dear~

I Love You!
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Saturday, February 20, 2010
- 2010 CNY ROCKS! =D -
i love my 2010 CNY~
seems like my luck is with me all de way~

in gambling i think i won almost 100bucks this year
have most luck in Mahjong n Blackjack

not so in "In Between" though
* damn i hate that game >.< *

n i've hosted a mini CNY party at my place on thursday (18th of February 2010)
it is actually my first time being a host XD

i really had fun
n i hope all my friends did too
* even though i won some amount of money from them XD *

my 2010 CNY ROCKS! =D

anyway that wasn't really what i wanted to blog about
look at my blog title

sometimes i really don't understand why i love grocery shopping so much ==

yeah~ my food supply
check out de amount of food i bought ==

n compare with my housemate's

mine on de left, theirs on de right ==

oh these two are mine as well
i've got not enough space to place them in de cupboard >.<

n now what
CNY we've got CNY cookies n stuff

my mom packed some for me before i start off to kl

just look at de amount of food!

now i'm wondering
how am i suppose to finish all these food >.<

apparently there is no more grocery shopping for me til i finish all these food ==

maybe i should bring back some for JC Chin~ XD
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
- clear clear clear! -
i'm gonna clear my facebook friend's request
like finally~ XD

all these while i only add people that i know
n also those who take de effort to message me
some were just to add people just for de sake of boosting their friends list?

300+ of pending friend requests yet to be ignore~

people kept on adding
n i kept ignoring them *without clicking de ignore button*

so it ended up this amount of pending friend requests ==

so now i finally decided to ignore them

tough job!

half way through clicking de ignore button
thought i've ignored at least 200 of them
who knows it's not even half!

later on done with de friend request
i've still got those invitations to ignore somemore ==

press ignore til my eyes blur blur @.@
all those invitations n requests is like take me forever to ignore all

* after some while *

finally i've clear all de invitations n requests! =D

apparently there is a "ignore all" link but i realize that a little too late ==
i wonder does it actually work
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
- happy chinese new year! =D -
yea yea i'm know i'm late since it's already de 3rd day of cny
but hell i don't care XD

when i was a kid (primary n secondary school time)
i always looking forward to CNY
of cause one of de reason is de angpau then another one is de holiday

during college time
erm not so
CNY is just a normal occasion/festival to me
* except for de angpau part >) *

this year still was feeling a little bit normal
not much of de celebrating CNY mood

but i'm really happy somehow this year
to see all de family members gathered
de laughter de chit chat
de gambling session
mahjong cards

i love it when family gather around
having meals together
laugh n talk while we eat
that feeling is great!

n not forgetting our new family member
my niece, Alexis
cute girl she is
love to smile * aww how sweet *

for chinese people CNY is a new chapter
i hope this coming years will be great
greater than last year, for my family, for my love, for my friends, n for me!

Happy Chinese New Year
wish you all have a Healthy, Joyful n Prosperous year ahead!

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