Friday, January 01, 2010
- happy new year! -
2009 was great to me
got to know more friends as i entered utar
results were not bad *thankfully*
experienced sport carvinal n got gold, silver n bronze medals for badminton in a year
first time ever having such a bunch of lovely friends to celebrate my 21st birthday
family was all happy n healthy
happily attached right now *smile*
etc etc.

still there were some unhappy incidents happened in 2009
death of people that i knew *may you guys rest in peace*
my very first time car accident
experienced some financial-related issues
n some other forgotten incidents

however 2009 is finally over
a brand new year is here!

so i was thinking
why not write myself a new year's resolution! =D
*erm well it is actually de first time me writing new year's resolution bluek xP*

in 2010 i hope i could or i will

  • work hard for internship
  • study harder to get better results
    *well else at least maintain*

  • TRY to shop less n save more
    *kinda mission impossible though that's why i said i'll try XD*

  • solve all those financial-related issues as soon as possible
    *really hope so*

  • lose 5kgs
    *no specific target it's just simply because it's easier to calculate ==*

  • exercise more n be more healthy
    *shall fully utilize de facilities provided in de kl's condo! swimming pool n gym! >D*

  • drink more water
    *somehow i don't really like to drink water now ==*

  • sleep early n sleep more
    *sleep really late n really lack of sleep recently*

  • try to speak in mandarin more
    *i can speak in mandarin! it's just not that fluent as i don't usually speak in mandarin but you guys just wait n see! >3*

  • learn to have more patience n tolerance
    *reduce de possibility of letting myself to have black-face n hot-tempered. i am really trying my best*

  • try to be more ladylike
    *appearance n attitude*

  • yet still maintain my very own personality
    *in de swearing n cursing part XD*

  • care, love, and spend more time with family
    *phone home n come back ipoh more often while i'm in kl*

  • appreciate every single ones that i love n loved me

  • be a better girlfriend
    *i wasn't sure how but i will try my best*

  • be a better person
    *i will be only if i can achieve all those that i've stated above*

2009 was great but i hope 2010 will be better!

Happy New Year!
n i wish all of you all de best n have a great n awesome year ahead! =)

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