Wednesday, November 25, 2009
- me n heels -
my guy friends often say my car boot were filled with "junks"

well basically i fill my car boot with lots of boxes

there's a vacuum cleaner for car (which i seldom use nowadays bluek)

then de rest were none other than my heels n shoes~ XD

well basically i have
- a pair of sport shoes
- 2 pairs of sneakers
- 4 - 5 pairs of heels

for standby purpose! XD

they (de guys) used to say my car boot has too many heels n shoes
n it's useless cause i just leave them there for nothing

well i'm gonna prove them wrong!
especially Mr. Uncle Foong! XD

last friday(20.11.09)
me n my friends went kl for an interview in 1U

when i'm on my way walking to de company
one of de heel just came off out of a sudden!

so unlucky no? >.<

my interview is at 0130pm
i broke my heels at 0115pm!

de kancheung-ness really
really tension that time

suddenly a light bulb just pop up from my mind
i've got plenty of standby heels in my car!

so i rush back to my car (luckily i parked my car really near) to change to a new pair of heels
with barefoot XD


shopping mall
with lots of people
a girl in formal wear running with barefoot

my friend Ryan was kind enough to be a live news reporter
n recorded a video of me running! swt~


exciting betui no? XD
phew what an exciting n interesting experience hahaha

anyway my point is

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Saturday, November 14, 2009
- penang-kl trip (09.10.09 - 16.10.09) -
alright i've been away from home since 09.10.09 to 16.10.09
went to penang on 9th to 11th
then on 11th i went to kl until 16th

haha an eventful holiday XD
it's seriously tiring!
yet it's fun cause i got to see some friends n have fun

de most important thing
shopping >)

i'm gonna update ALL (as in everything in detail XD) in this post
lots of words n some pictures *beware* XD

so bear with me alright =3


well i've promised angeline quite some time ago that i will find her in penang during my sem break
so as planned on 9th i went to penang =)

start off from ipoh to penang around 11am with boey (a friend of mine from utar =3)
reached there after 1 n a half hour
dropped her off at de jetty n waited for her friends to pick her up
angeline n penny were already in gurney plaza waiting for me
somehow i was lost == inside of de penang old town's small roads
that was really scary >.<

anyway when i finally saw something familiar (signboards with familiar road names)
angeline called me n asked me to go back to jetty ==
ah anyway it remains secret eh angeline? hahaha

anyway after an hour or so i finally reach gurney plaza to have lunch
we went chilli's bar

they had burgers

n i had sandwiches =3

it was not bad!
but de fries were cold >.<

my dear angeline XD

after our berry filling meal
we went inside gurney plaza n walked around

sponsored some on angeline's new heels as her birthday present XD

charles n keith >)

after gurney
we drove all de way to alorsetar cause we're staying in angeline's place in alorsetar for two nights

after that we can still go oldtown kopitiam for yumcha session
gosh bersemangat betui XD

end of 09.10.09


okay all of us went to penang again around noon time
angeline n i hang out at queensbay mall while penny went for adventure
hebat betui
i'm impressed! XD

anyway angeline n i went for lunch at paddington house of pancake

gosh de menu said there's 138 different types of pancakes

was really having a hard time to choose ==
spent quite some time to actually choose n order something from de menu haha


mine XD

mine were meant to be share actually
i can't finish it anyway

i just ate those on top ni xP
with cheese n some bacon bits n some other things XD

yumm~ XD

oh! then jc (another friend of mine from utar =3) came to meet up with us

kesian him that day have to jadi my kuli helped me carry bag n stuff
thank you berry much! =3

angeline bought me this handbag from momoe (one of my favourite brand)

love it! =D

thank you angeline dear~ muah XD

then we went to forever 21 to try out some clothes
as usual
time to syok sendiri >D

i love de black one but i never buy that dress nor anything else that two days in penang
still not in mood for shopping
ah sound so not me XD

in penang that two days
i've been lepak in de 4 inch high heels for like 5hours each day
wow i'm impressed of myself seriously that i can walk for so long with that high heels
legs were like damn tired after that

but oh well
like people always said : "oi leng mm oi meng"
what to do? xP

we went back around evening
all de way back to alorsetar again

fuh that's tiring seriously
especially with my poor eyes condition >.<
still we got to reach de destination safely la XD

end of 10.10.09


start off from alorsetar back to ipoh around 8am
used less than two hours to reach ipoh
maintained 130 - 160 km/hour

not bad XD

then me n my family start off from ipoh to kl roughly around 2pm
me n mommy drove one car while my bro n my daddy drove another car
haha quite funny though

two peugeot 206 with just an alphabet difference in de car plat n two different colours on de highway
kinda cool in a way hahaha

reached kl then went to have dinner with my grandma side relatives since it's grandma's birthday =3

well it starts my kl-holiday trip =D

end of 11.10.09


after lunch with family
sent my parents n brother off back to ipoh
i was all on my own since then

i went to midvalley alone
thought of starting de shopping spree

bumped to my "dear" there
ah that's my dear's boyfriend la XD
meet up with my dear n her boyfriend n his brother at starbucks for awhile before i went home =)

ah btw
all i got were hair n body shampoos toothpaste n chewing gum ==
nothing else >.<

it surprised mr. foong XD swt

end of 12.10.09


outing with keijoe =)
he came to my place n fetched me out to 1U shopping mall =D

we went nando's for lunch
after lunch we went for a movie - Surrogates
i think it's not bad =)
kinda interesting haha

after movie we just randomly walked around
thought of finding a white skirt but mission failed >.<
saw ELLE selling de one i want but it costs around 140bucks or more i can't really remember
kinda expensive plus it's really transparent >.<
too bad =(

oh i bought a grey skirt anyway
still nice kinda ladylike
me kinda like it =3

went forever 21 again to try out de black dress that i like
wanted to buy it at first but that dress was a little bit imperfect
so in de end never buy again >.<

for tea aka dessert time
we went to paddington house of pancake again XD
then i bought some japanese snacks n went home

tiring but still fun
thanks for teman-in me for de day keijoe =3

end of 13.10.09

14.10.09 - day time

okie outing with mr. foong XD
was in de mood to camwhore so

ALL me! before going out n also in de car * ngek ngek *

went to sri petaling first to meet up with him
then he fetch me to sunway pyramid =3
i wanted to go sunway pyramid cause i think they have more shops there
*take note : i think only ar XD*

though he wasn't a fan of sunway pyramid but he still willing to teman me go there
thank you berry much! XD

we meet up with his brother n his brother's girlfriend
then we went for lunch together at dragon-i
i kinda like dragon-i
don't know why bluek

after lunch his brother n de girlfriend went back
then it's time to lepak aka shopping
my first stop - forever 21 * yes again XD *

tried on a few dresses

i kinda like this but i never buy

this time finally i bought de black dress! XD
happy happy hehe

after de first purchase
de mood to shop is finally ON >D

next stop - charles n keith

before this when i'm in penang i tried on this pair of sandals but never buy also
this time i went n try again
it's really nice but then i felt like i'm in barefoot while wearing it
but it's really nice especially in white!
* hmm maybe i should buy it next time bluek *

anyway i got something from charles n keith

finally a pair of sandals! XD

after that i just randomly enter some shops
i've bought

a pair of flats =)

yeah~ rubik cube again XD
de old one i play until de paint all fall off d so it's time to change! =3

proof :

definitely need to get a new one right? XD

ah this little bear keychain is a gift from a shop
i bought my friend a birthday present
i presented my member card then de cashier gave me this =3
really cute no? hehe

walk til tired go toilet then syok sendiri for awhile XD
ah de skirt is de one i bought de day earlier before this hehe
ladylike no? bluek

mr. foong

after de a few hours walking
we both were tired so we decided to head home =)

lepak at his place for an hour or so
thought wanna check my result there since his place is having a better internet connection than mine ==

but apparently everyone was trying to log in at de same time
so de server is down =(

lepak there for awhile more then it's time for me to head home

i know you don't really shopping geh
but you still willing to teman me walk here n there
made you waited for me while i busy shopping
n not forgetting helped me to carry all my shopping bags

really thanks alot! =)

end of 14.10.09 - day time

little update before night time

when i got home
chow kah leng (my coursemate XD) said kenneth aka stupid you helped me check my result already

surprisingly no fail no C or D this time

my results were pretty okie i guess
n i'm pleased with my result =D

shall work harder next sem! >3

14.10.09 - night time

okay it is actually de first time for me to club in kl
went aloha club

de main mission - to surprise keijoe XD
it's actually a friend of keijoe - mr. carter's idea
to celebrate keijoe's belated birthday

anyway i start off from cheras at 11pm
n reached aloha club around 12am ==

it took me an hour!
i even sms-ed mr. carter : "i'm seriously lost" ==

in my heart i just kept on praying
"just guide me there please =("

at one point i saw a street that is full of clubs
n de gps told me i reached my destination

but de thing is
i don't see any club named aloha ==

then i called mr. carter

mr. carter : where are you?
me : i don't know where am i == but somehow i'm in front of rum jungle
mr. carter : rum jungle? aloha club is on de same road as rum jungle
me : ==

apparently i'm at de right destination
it's just that my poor-condition eyes can't see that HUGE aloha signboard ==

anyway parked my car n went to club XD

well basically i just know mr. carter n keijoe there
de rest of them were basically de first time meeting them

mr. carter

meet jordan n carter

oh well i enjoyed my night
danced a little bit n drink just a little bit as i need to drive home later on >.<

while all of us were on de dance floor dancing
there's this guy behind me
i can sensed his existence but i kinda ignored him

then he suddenly went n asked me for my name
i was like stunned for awhile n look at mr. carter
then totally ignored that guy n dance with mr. carter n laugh at de same time

totally swt-ness wey
what an experience eh? swt~

well due to my poor eyes condition so i have to leave early

so when i start off from aloha club n back to cheras

de gps doesn't have any signal for a really long time! O.O!!
it's like more than 10 minutes de gps couldn't detect any signal >.<

was pretty panic at first
but then i couldn't just stop at de highway there right

so i just continue drive * i wasn't sure where am i heading to though *
then after some time de signal finally came back!

but by de time de signal is finally back
i seriously don't know where am i at that moment ==

but in de end i got home successfully n safely * phew *


my first time clubbing in kl
not bad =)

hope there will be more clubbing session in kl next time XD
* do take note : i club occasionally alright? xP *

end of 14.10.09


meet up with john leong
he wanna organize a birthday dinner for his girlfriend on de coming sunday (18.10.09)

as his "event planner"
so i need to teman him n give him suggestions n stuff la XD

before we actually go n settle his stuff
we went to a shoe shop
n spent quite some time there XD

anyway i got to buy another two pairs of flats XD

this one berry cute ger lo de design XD

a gold one =D

yay yay
i finally got new flats to wear!!! XD

oh oh then went to parkson too
n finally i got myself a new swinsuit!
finally XD

berry de happy hoho

i'm busy shopping n john is busy being a kuli helping me carry my shopping bags XD
not much though
just one big bag ni ma * lalala~ * xP

so when i'm done with my shopping
it's time for me to do my job - "event planner" XD
went to make a reservation in italianese n order de cake at some jelly-don't-know-what-name shop XD

as for my reward to be his "event planner"
john got me this!

so cute no? XD

they're just too cute to be eaten XD
i'm so gonna leave it in my fridge until they "fatt mou"! HAHAHA

okay la just kidding ni~
however i just ate four of them
de other two i don't know where it goes
i think my mom threw it away cause i put it in de fridge for too long XD

all these journeys to midvalley..1U..fanshu(foong)'s place..aloha club..
i really have to thank my brother for letting me to use his nokia phone for de gps software

everyday or everytime before i start my journey
there is these three preparation that i need to do

preparation No. 1

well-placed nokia phone with de activated gps

preparation No. 2

car-use handphone charger
just in case i sesat n use de phone for too long n de battery goes dead XD

preparation No. 3

full tank of petrol!
it will be a long journey
* just in case i sesat jalan XD *

after all these three preparation are done
it's time for "adventure"! XD

on de 15th
i finally experience de TRAFFIC JAM in kl for de first time!

gps all de way~

de traffic jam

i even got time to camwhore in de car while waiting XD


to de left to de left XD

gps is my best friend XD


peanut-butter-JAM XD

for all these days i've been driving in this kinda eyes condition

not obvious enough?

can you see de swollen eyes? T.T

so fucking ugly i know =(

anyway it's de contact lenses problem i guess
i've changed a pair of new ones
n now no more problem d

thanks for all de concern people =D

oh yea
i think i reach cheras home after about 30minutes to one hour
can't really remember anyway XD

end of 15.10.09


time to go home!

after meeting up with mommy n aunties in de Gardens
we went to have lunch together

fuh a berry satisfying lunch it is
so full XD

after that went to visit my grandma in SS2
then it's time to head home

luckily mommy being good enough to come to kl on de 15th just to accompany me go back ipoh
so she will be de one who is driving XD

i know i'm a bad daughter
but my eyes were in poor condition


camwhore all de way XD

me n my teddie =D

my beloved pretty mommy =3


end of 16.10.09

phew finally i've done with my penang-kl trip post!!!
it's like after a month or more
due to my laziness
opps i meant busy-ness XD

well it will never be too late la right?
at least i finally update bout it xP
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