Wednesday, December 23, 2009
- little sem break -
it has been almost a month since i last updated my blog
was busy with studies *kononnyaz* n final examinations

though it's just two subjects for this sem
but it's kinda difficult

one is
erm well half-theory-half-practical-kinda-based subject
communication networks
which is my weakest subject of all for now i can say
IP address DNS this this that that
totally clueless

i just hope i can get a pass for it
or better if possible

i tried my best
but communication networks is really not my thing >.<

while another one is theory-based
organization & human resource

well it's not like really difficult but it's kinda tricky i can say for de final questions
oh well i tried my best to answer

ah don't give a damn to my results! * yea yea it's a lie *
but confirmed cgpa gonna drop again this sem *sighs*

finals is finally over n
i am finally home~

ah home sweet home~
home still is de best place afterall eh?

just reached home not long ago
since i've terminated my contract for my accommodation in kampar

i have to move ALL my stuff back in ipoh
well basically i moved partly of my stuff back here
since i will be going kl for internship in de coming january
so i left abit of my stuff in kampar so that i wouldn't need to move my stuff twice

though it's just partly of my stuff
but it still took me some time to pack those stuff

n de part where i need to move all those stuff from my room (which located in de 2nd floor)
to de living room (in de ground floor)
n then move it n chuck it all into my car
that's de exhausting part
i sweat like mad wey

however it's a really good exercise no? >D

after all that

n now here i am
happily reached home before 12pm =)

oh regarding to my title

why i called it little sem break?
it's because de internship gonna starts on 4th of january


meaning that i only have one week plus holiday before i suffer from work T.T
that's saddening~

however i'm looking forward to meet my new housemates in kl
hope they're nice n friendly people~

so now i shall enjoy my little sem break before my internship starts
must appreciate kaokao n fully utilize my time! >3

oh wait
i've promised my bro that i will work for him before my internship starts

damn x 2!

no holiday for me T.T

guess i'll just have to steal-bone (aka curi-tulang) in office then XD

he went back to his hometown this morning at 0830am


i have to send him off

just like de last time

standing at de bus station

while he is in de bus

looked at him

waved at him

without knowing when will be de next time we meet again

de feeling is indescribable

it hurts


although i had a fishball-size memory

still i remembered everything that you've told me last night

LDR might be difficult

however i believe it makes ones relationship grow stronger


i'm gonna miss you alot

i ♥ you
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