Tuesday, November 03, 2009
- birthday celebration plus HIGH heels -
07th of October is baobei's birthday

so me n darling had a birthday celebration with her
well it's actually just having lunch together n movie n hang out XD

so i suggested to have lunch in Beacon Point nearby jusco
love their chicken pie =3
but they always sold out before i get to de restaurant >.<
as they are famous for their chicken pie

de birthday girl

i ordered two cakes as de "birthday cake"

lemon poppyseed cheesecake

irish coffee cheesecake

believe me those were GOOD! XD

ah saw that bouquet of roses?
it's from her special someone hehe
so sweet no? XD

after lunch we went for a movie
Sorority Row
to me it's OKAY
not much comment though haha

after movie we went shopping
all of us get to buy something

darling got something from de faceshop
baobei n i got something from nose

don't know why i kinda love high heels now
especially those really HIGH ones X3

it's 4 freaking inch HIGH wey!
meaning that it's around 10cm

fuh i can turn into 175cm in no time

well well
another pair of high heels added to my "heels collection" XD
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