Saturday, October 17, 2009
- random-ness -
i'm finally back from my holiday! XD

no one misses me i guess =(
bah~ fine! >.<

anyway i'm gonna publish all de posts that were in my draft folder
it's around 6 - 7 drafts exclude my holiday post

as for de holiday post

well i am still working on it~
waiting for some pictures

after i publish all those drafts then you all will see my holiday post alright XD
below were de real post

totally random-ness XD

there's this day(20.09.09) when i'm taking my bath
i saw something
* not anything scary la of cause == *

* click de picture for a bigger view *

can you see?
can you see anything from that bottle of body scrub?

if yes then good for you
cause you have a good imagination! XD

if no..

okay have a look at de picture below n where de arrows pointing at
use some of your imaginations alright

* click de picture for a bigger view *

doesn't de left one looks like a warrior that carried a sword behind him?

n de right one is like his alien-like enemy or something like that?

de scene is just like those in de movie poster!
* okay la i imagine one can ornot? XD *

i guess i'm just being lame n random after de UID paper XD
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