Thursday, October 29, 2009
- latest thing in my room -
latest gadget in my room

wireless housephone or something ==

normally i'll just stay at home n hide in my room when i back in ipoh
especially during sem break

so basically my dad gave me this phone is because..
he no need to go upstairs to my room n could just intercom me if he wanna find me or anything

how considerate eh?
* de fact is he's just being lazy to go upstairs to find me when he's at downstairs == *

however it is really convenient for me n my family
so thank you dad XD

ah yeah~
i don't understand why everytime i climb de stairs in my kampar home
out of 10 times
surely there will be 8 times that i will fall down aka pk when i climb de stairs >.<

de lucky thing is no one ever see me pk XD
de unlucky thing is

* ignore de ugly feet == *

blood clot!

i thought eventually it will recover

but my friend told me it won't recover
it will stay that way forever >.<

bah! unlucky betui~

i still can apply nail polish to cover it >)
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