Saturday, October 03, 2009
- blogskin(s) -
okay just a few hours ago i changed my blogskin into a

* click picture for a better view *

berry-syok-sendiri-with-my-pictures-all-over-de-banner blogskin

a simple n basic layout
what i did de most is just de banners

i got 3 different banners in this blogskin
every click of refresh you will get a different banner
ah n my profile pictures too
i've got 6 ^^v

then i think i wasn't satisfy enough
* i'm happy with de result though >.< *

so i went n make another new blogskin


* click picture for a better view *

a less-syok-sendiri blogskin

no more me in de banner
* since there is no banner this time == *

but you'll still get to see my profile pictures
again 6 of em' XD

now i was wondering
which one should i use?

de berry syok sendiri one?
or de less syok sendiri one?

can anyone just please give some comments please >.<

* black really is my thing eh? both also in black one XD *
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