Wednesday, October 07, 2009
- useless purchase -
yes useless purchase

why i said so?

cause these hair products i bought it n i used for like 1 or 2 times only ==
de hair vitamin still okie la
still usable as hair needs vitamin after some time afterall

but what bout these two?

i've bought these two quite some time ago
i used those for like 1 or 2 times then i abandoned them already ==

i still don't get it why i bought these two
* i bought these two in de same day somemore == *
it's not like i always style my hair or so

i'm already lazy enough to dry my hair at times
let alone style it

plus my long hair
what's more to style?! ==
* takkan la i spike my hair macam dragonball character right == *

so now
what should i do with these two?! ==
chuilynn says at 1:43:00 PM
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