Saturday, September 26, 2009
- teddie II *random* -

he just sat on de tissue box n look at me while i study everyday
aww isn't he cute? =3

don't know why i like teddie or bear related plush toy so much now XD

* oh i still hate those super duper huge bear that priced at few hundred bucks though *

random-ness after CIA paper
too tired to start for OO nor do anything

i shall rest for de night! =D


ah oh yea~

de flash file in my banner disappeared again!
bah~ i don't wanna care already
just leave it blank only bah >.<

i'm so gonna create a new blogskin for my bloggie soon!

i will start de create-blogskin project after i'm done with my finals!
* IP knowledge can really come in handy sometimes no? XD *
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