Sunday, September 13, 2009
- rest in peace -
11th of march 2009
i've lost a friend that i know since de first day in tarc kampar
it's heartbreaking when i got to know bout de news

13th of september 2009
i've lost a friend that i just got to know this sem
we didn't talk much
probably it's because i'm speaking in cantonese while he speaks in mandarin
though we didn't talk much to each other
but deep in my heart i know what kinda person he is
he is those that very helpful n got "yi hei" towards his family n friends that kinda person
bad things happened to him when he's trying to catch de robbers that tried to rob his brother
after struggled n fight for his life for so long..he passed away this morning at 5am

although we didn't know each other for long n we don't know each other very well
but i'm happy to have you as my friend
n we will always remember you n miss you

may god bring you to a better place
rest in peace tough guy..ming~

perhaps 2009 wasn't a really good year

no one could ever know nor predict what will happen next
appreciate n love everyone that you have in your life
before it's too late to do so
don't let yourself live in regret
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