Thursday, September 17, 2009
- it's only de beginning -
just before i start for my revision i shall just update abit

as i said it's only de beginning of my exam period

last friday i just had my FIRST paper
gosh some of them already had their 2nd or 3rd paper
n i'm just only get started ==

my finals start on 11th n will end on 28th
12 more days to go for 5 subjects!

i always thought that my killing paper would be database systems which is my first paper

to my surprise
it was erm..kinda easy
way different n easier than de pastyear papers
* well i won't say that i'm gonna score well for that paper as there's so many uncertainties but hell i did my best already! *
anyway it such a relief after that paper

later(17th of Sept) i'll be having my 2nd paper
basic pro writing
basically it's more like an english paper
letter writing memo writing error identification fill in de blanks ==

it should be de easiest subject of all
but coursework mark is low
so have to be extra be careful n make sure i do it better in tomorrow's paper

internet programming i wanted to aim for A which i think it's quite impossible
if i wanted to score A for that
i will need to score at least 80marks in finals!

gila betui wey!
nevermind i shall try my best to score at least A- or B+
hope i won't score worst than that >.<

as for de rest
oh well shall just study hard n keep on memorizing!

was hoping to push up my cgpa for this sem at first
but now i think it's quite difficult n impossible as well
it's hard even just to maintain let alone boost it up ==

bah i don't care
as long as i do my best then it's enough
just hoping that it won't drop too much >.<

shall back to revision * n facebook just a little bit! XD *
wish me luck people!

* gambateh chuilynn wong! XD *
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