Thursday, September 03, 2009
- i need shopping! -
first of all i'm gonna wish myself

Happy belated 21st Birthday!!! =D

fuh can't believe i'm actually 21years old already
officially adult huh?

i suppose i should be happy huh?
bah whatever XD

anyway i wanna thank to my friends that celebrated with me n those that wished me through sms n facebook!

Thank You Berry Much! =D

i am really happy this year
really thanks to all of you!
appreciate it! =)

as i've turned 21years old
i wanna get something for myself
so i've listed something that i wanted to buy

to buy list :

- digital camera (Canon most probably)

- Fossil - Automatic Silver Dial *click*

- digital photo frame (i don't know why i need it but i just want it XD)

- shoes (heels sneakers flats n slippers)

eh can't remember what else i wanna buy ==

gosh ah need lots of money to shop!

attention attention to Mr. Wong Joe Foong!

if you're reading this please buy me de digital camera pretty please!
as my 21st birthday present
har~ not bad right? XD

as for de rest i will kaotim by myself

woohoo! shopping shopping shopping!

oh wait..
i can only go for shopping after my finals

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