Wednesday, September 23, 2009
- dumb ass! -
whoever that created de questions for IP paper is a total dumb ass!

i think all * okay la most la * most of de students that took this paper today will be like so pissed n berry de dulan!
as most of us don't have enough time to complete de whole paper!

after i had my late lunch n i went home n saw all these

pages that full of ranting n complaining bout de same thing! * swt-ness *

it shows how angry n dulan we are huh?

there goes my A- or B+ or even B!!!
*COL = cry out loud*

oh well
there's nothing i can do bout it either
so let bygones be bygones

concentrate on de next paper!
CIA is on Friday!


but i'm hungry now

n my fucking msn doesn't allow me to sign in!
damn damn damn!
* curse non stop *
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