Saturday, September 26, 2009
- teddie II *random* -

he just sat on de tissue box n look at me while i study everyday
aww isn't he cute? =3

don't know why i like teddie or bear related plush toy so much now XD

* oh i still hate those super duper huge bear that priced at few hundred bucks though *

random-ness after CIA paper
too tired to start for OO nor do anything

i shall rest for de night! =D


ah oh yea~

de flash file in my banner disappeared again!
bah~ i don't wanna care already
just leave it blank only bah >.<

i'm so gonna create a new blogskin for my bloggie soon!

i will start de create-blogskin project after i'm done with my finals!
* IP knowledge can really come in handy sometimes no? XD *
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
- dumb ass! -
whoever that created de questions for IP paper is a total dumb ass!

i think all * okay la most la * most of de students that took this paper today will be like so pissed n berry de dulan!
as most of us don't have enough time to complete de whole paper!

after i had my late lunch n i went home n saw all these

pages that full of ranting n complaining bout de same thing! * swt-ness *

it shows how angry n dulan we are huh?

there goes my A- or B+ or even B!!!
*COL = cry out loud*

oh well
there's nothing i can do bout it either
so let bygones be bygones

concentrate on de next paper!
CIA is on Friday!


but i'm hungry now

n my fucking msn doesn't allow me to sign in!
damn damn damn!
* curse non stop *
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i understand what you've said

i knew
n i clearly know what should i do as well

all this while
i'm just having myself dwelling at this point

a point that i clearly understand what kinda situation we're in

honestly i gave up on you long time ago

i think you should know that i wasn't wanting anything from you as well

we both know that we're happy n comfortable with de way we are now

though i gave up but some of de feeling is still there
n i believe we both know that

it's not that i don't wanna let go
to be honest it's not that difficult actually

i'm just waiting for a reason
n also finding something at de same time

recently i've found that something

n now i've got a reason as well

so it's time to move on

yet nothing is gonna change between us
you will always be my close friend =)


current status :

IP paper coming real soon!
*scare wey* >.<
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Friday, September 18, 2009
- advertise -
i was helping my friend to advertise his online mobile shop
you guys can ask him questions bout phone's price or info for de latest models
these are de brands that he sells :

  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Blackberry
  • Iphone (they have Iphone but it's expensive n most people use maxis's anyway)
  • HTC
  • ASUS

he's selling original n AP phones as well
he told me that i couldn't find any cheaper than he's selling in Ipoh

so people
whoever that wants to buy new phones or any inquiries just leave a message in de forum ya
just give some support alright? =)

here's de link! -> ☏S H O P ! M O B I L E☆O N L I N E☏

* i wonder how many people will read my blog *
but still do support a little alright? =)

btw my friend's name is William! =D
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Thursday, September 17, 2009
- it's only de beginning -
just before i start for my revision i shall just update abit

as i said it's only de beginning of my exam period

last friday i just had my FIRST paper
gosh some of them already had their 2nd or 3rd paper
n i'm just only get started ==

my finals start on 11th n will end on 28th
12 more days to go for 5 subjects!

i always thought that my killing paper would be database systems which is my first paper

to my surprise
it was erm..kinda easy
way different n easier than de pastyear papers
* well i won't say that i'm gonna score well for that paper as there's so many uncertainties but hell i did my best already! *
anyway it such a relief after that paper

later(17th of Sept) i'll be having my 2nd paper
basic pro writing
basically it's more like an english paper
letter writing memo writing error identification fill in de blanks ==

it should be de easiest subject of all
but coursework mark is low
so have to be extra be careful n make sure i do it better in tomorrow's paper

internet programming i wanted to aim for A which i think it's quite impossible
if i wanted to score A for that
i will need to score at least 80marks in finals!

gila betui wey!
nevermind i shall try my best to score at least A- or B+
hope i won't score worst than that >.<

as for de rest
oh well shall just study hard n keep on memorizing!

was hoping to push up my cgpa for this sem at first
but now i think it's quite difficult n impossible as well
it's hard even just to maintain let alone boost it up ==

bah i don't care
as long as i do my best then it's enough
just hoping that it won't drop too much >.<

shall back to revision * n facebook just a little bit! XD *
wish me luck people!

* gambateh chuilynn wong! XD *
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Sunday, September 13, 2009
- rest in peace -
11th of march 2009
i've lost a friend that i know since de first day in tarc kampar
it's heartbreaking when i got to know bout de news

13th of september 2009
i've lost a friend that i just got to know this sem
we didn't talk much
probably it's because i'm speaking in cantonese while he speaks in mandarin
though we didn't talk much to each other
but deep in my heart i know what kinda person he is
he is those that very helpful n got "yi hei" towards his family n friends that kinda person
bad things happened to him when he's trying to catch de robbers that tried to rob his brother
after struggled n fight for his life for so long..he passed away this morning at 5am

although we didn't know each other for long n we don't know each other very well
but i'm happy to have you as my friend
n we will always remember you n miss you

may god bring you to a better place
rest in peace tough guy..ming~

perhaps 2009 wasn't a really good year

no one could ever know nor predict what will happen next
appreciate n love everyone that you have in your life
before it's too late to do so
don't let yourself live in regret
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Thursday, September 03, 2009
- i need shopping! -
first of all i'm gonna wish myself

Happy belated 21st Birthday!!! =D

fuh can't believe i'm actually 21years old already
officially adult huh?

i suppose i should be happy huh?
bah whatever XD

anyway i wanna thank to my friends that celebrated with me n those that wished me through sms n facebook!

Thank You Berry Much! =D

i am really happy this year
really thanks to all of you!
appreciate it! =)

as i've turned 21years old
i wanna get something for myself
so i've listed something that i wanted to buy

to buy list :

- digital camera (Canon most probably)

- Fossil - Automatic Silver Dial *click*

- digital photo frame (i don't know why i need it but i just want it XD)

- shoes (heels sneakers flats n slippers)

eh can't remember what else i wanna buy ==

gosh ah need lots of money to shop!

attention attention to Mr. Wong Joe Foong!

if you're reading this please buy me de digital camera pretty please!
as my 21st birthday present
har~ not bad right? XD

as for de rest i will kaotim by myself

woohoo! shopping shopping shopping!

oh wait..
i can only go for shopping after my finals

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009
- weird weird de -
had this really weird feeling

just one more day
then i'll be turning to 21

excited? not really
happy? not exactly


feeling so weird wey ==
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