Monday, August 24, 2009
- shopping makes me happy =D -
yes yes
shopping makes me happy
but it made my wallet bleeds as well ==

oh well total damage for de day (22.08.09) is RM200+

finally i've got mouse to use!
my previous mouse got DESTROYED by stupid you ==

there's one day i'm lying while online-ing on my bed
i went to toilet for just AWHILE
he jumped onto my bed n bite de mouse wire ==

oh well now i assume that he couldn't bite de wire d as de wire is all curl up into de thingy XD

always wanted a laptop pouch n finally got one for myself =D
* they called em' laptop sleeves which i don't understand why..laptop pouch sounds nicer XD *
there's some other nicer ones * with some colours n designs * but it's expensive >.<
so i just get de cheapest one

oh well it's just a laptop pouch what for to get de expensive one?
* unless someone willing to buy one for me la XD *

a kinda huge bag i bought X3
de purpose of me getting this bag is to be a traveling bag
it's time to rest in peace my shinny shinny silver-ish hello planet backpack XD

a HUGE piggie bank! XD
i'm gonna fill this thing with lotsa coins whee~

when it's full~ hmm..
i think i'm just gonna use de money n then save again XD
it's gonna be my shopping fund! * evil grins *

oh then i bought birthday presents for my friends
so total sum up it's around RM200+

i still have 3 more birthday presents to buy!

i'm so broke right now T.T
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