Saturday, August 01, 2009
- kampar funfair sux -
there's one day after dinner
me n my friends went to de kampar funfair since we got nothing better to do

i got bit regret ==

it's boring! plus there's nothing much inside
all those funfair equipments (whatever you call those playing stuff) were like so cacat ==
but still there's parents willing to spend money for their kids to play those la

i forgot to take pictures when we're inside
but what you expect from kampar funfair right?
sure nothing fancy nor exciting ger la XD

kenneth spent 4bucks to exchange 2 tokens from de counter
then we start searching for de right game booth to invest de 2 tokens XD

we chose this rolling tennis balls to some holes game
each hole got its own number
so after 6 times rolling sum up de numbers then we'll get a prize

n this is what we got

oh well what i can say is
it's a pretty ugly looking rabbit keychain ==

yeah yeah it's like what de f*ck

* luckily it's not my 4bucks XD *

somehow kenneth just gave me de rabbit ==
oh well i suppose she * yes i assume it's a female rabbit * n my rabbit can be close friends

so i placed her nearby de cage
just to let stupid you see her before he actually rape her XD

* sniff sniff *

* stunned for awhile *

* ignore her n walk away *

apparently stupid you got no interest in her

AWW~ =(

kesian~ >.<

oh well i thought they can be close friends
too bad~

now she was being isolated at somewhere on my table anyway


apparently i'm just too bored n being lame enough to post an entry like this XD
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