Sunday, August 23, 2009
- de end -
yes! finally!
de busiest week ever in this whole sem is finally OVER~

now i just got one more presentation one more midterm n one more quiz for one subject which is internet programming
berry de potong stim one lo ==
until week14 still got quiz ish ish

de achievements of de busiest week ever
mon - submitted one assignment n presentation
wed - presentation n midterm test
thurs - midterm test
fri - submitted two assignments

oh btw there's this assignment
de tutor said our group plagiarism wo

it's like !@#$%^&* what de fuck!

i wonder will we get 0% in this coursework

if it really happens
what can i do? O.O
i weak in this subject somehow
* due to de laziness i still haven really pay attention n study hard for it *

bah whatever
just follow de flow
can't do anything for now

* update *
saw de tutor n he said it doesn't matter
so i assume that we takda kena de plagiarism thingy XD
yay~ =D

just a little update to prove that i'm still alive
de results of my shopping damage is coming up soon XD
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