Tuesday, August 18, 2009
- busy week! -
busy busy busy!

why is it when everyone started to be free n preparing for final yet we're still so busy for assignments midterms n presentations?!

gosh what kinda management n arrangement is this?

sick is not allow in this critical period
stay strong chuilynn! >(

i wanted to sleep early n get more rest so that i can recover as soon as possible
but assignments n midterms don't allow me to do so =(

i slept at 5am or 6am almost everyday
sometimes to settle assignments
sometimes just pure not feeling sleepy though ==

slept for roughly 3 to 4hours
then i'll need to wake up for class

what a life

still having flu
headache is something that i WILL have almost everyday
try not to consume active fast as i've madly been in love with it for de past few weeks ==
took nap woke up n still get headache * speechless *

assignments due dates coming
midterms coming
presentations coming
birthday coming * so not relevant XD *
finals coming

so much to do yet so little time! =(

gonna have 1 midterm 1 presentation on wednesday (meaning tomorrow)
1 more midterm on thursday
2 assignments submission n 1 presentation on friday

after this week only i'll get to rest

i just wanna go home~ =(
i miss my mommy n daddy
i miss home =(
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