Saturday, July 25, 2009
- de swt-ness -
i got a message from friendster last night

* click de picture for a better view *

i'm totally speechless in this case wey XD
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Monday, July 20, 2009
- de imperfection -
is it possible for me to lose 5kgs in a month time?

i'm fat

compare to those girls that are consider as thin
gosh i'm so fat

everytime i ask others whether am i fat?

they answered me
- no la not fat lah * which is a lie *
- no la ngam ngam hou ma * also a lie *
- average lo * consider as a lie *
- chubby * this is de truth *

i don't wanna be just average
i wanna be thin!

i'm not satisfy bout myself now

i hate myself in this figure
i see fats everywhere!
i hate it!

i used to be so fat after i had my appendicitis operation in standard 4
i weigh fucking 75kg during my secondary school period!

i can't even imagine
i don't even dare to look at my pictures that i took during that period

oh wait
i don't take pictures that time

mainly because i've been sick all de time
no it's not because of de fatness
it's something else

i started to diet since form 4 or form 5
n now finally i get to 55kg

but hell i'm still fat!
my ideal weight is 50kg
i still got 5kgs more to put down!

although i said i wanna diet all de time
but i ended up fail in de end
n i hate myself for that

i wanna lose that fucking 5kgs in a month
why a month?
hmm perhaps it's because my birthday is coming in a month plus?

no idea

maybe these could help

- jogging
- stair climbing
- sit-ups everyday
- on strict diet
- no snacks
- no chocolate
- no deep fried
- no potatoes
- no mayonnaise
- no cheese
- no fast food
- no ice cream
- no whatever stuff is which fattening

but it's so fucking difficult!
as people who knows me well
they all know i love potatoes
i love mayonnaise
i love deep fried stuff
i love all fattening stuff!

maybe i should just cut down on snacks
then try not to eat so much
it won't be effective if i just diet n got no exercise at all

so here's my plan

- jog and stair climbing on alternate days
- at least 50 sit-ups per day
- one meal per day
- eat sandwich and rice on alternate days * mommy asked me to eat rice == *
- try to cut down on snacks
- if possible go swimming

but what if i build muscle instead of being thin? ==

i know for sure people will say i'm not gonna do it as i'm a really lazy person
but if i wanna lose weight
i must do it

i don't like being call fat nor chubby
no girls like that right?

will i be able to do so?
god knows

i'll only able to start my jogging next week as i don't have a proper footwear for it
so i guess i'll just start of with de diet plan first

don't pour me cold water people
else i won't friend you
i'm serious!
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Sunday, July 12, 2009
- still thinking -
i should be studying for de coming midterms
but i'm not concentrating at all

i miss you =(

i'm thinking

i'm still thinking

i'm still thinking of you


why must you cost 129bucks?! T.T

MNG dai sai meh?! so expensive =(

* thinking *
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Monday, July 06, 2009
- happy no. 4 XD -
my 4th ear piercing >)
* ngek ngek *

it wasn't that painful to be honest
de painful-ness is acceptable la
just that i have to be extra be careful when i bath or dry my hair with my towel or when i comb my hair

last night when i comb my hair i ACCIDENTALLY ter-kena it
n it's so fucking pain!
n last night when i sleep i constantly kena it somehow ==

thought it will be really swollen today when i wake up
but surprisingly it looks pretty normal
never swollen or anything

i meant it did swollen la afterall it's a new piercing
but it never swollen till very serious la

okie la it's enough already
fourth n my last piercing =)

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Saturday, July 04, 2009
- it's saturday -
today a few friends of mine from utar followed me back to ipoh
they gonna stay at my place until sunday

de day starts off with unpleasant incidents

there's six of us
me being de driver couldn't fetch five person(exclude myself) with my car
so two of them have to take ktm to ipoh * sorry darling n baobei *

then supposedly i should pick them up at de ktm station
but me being a terrible planner
i forgot to tell my godma that i'm coming back today
n my dad locked de internal door lock of my house
n my godma brought my grandma's maid to her place which is in bercham
so i have to go all de way to bercham to get my grandma's house keys from de maid to unlock my grandma's house then only i get to go into my house
as our houses were just next to each other n kinda like connected to each other

so i have to ask khoyin n cheeann go jusco themselves first
really sorry to khoyin(darling) cheeann(baobei) suijin(dear) kenneth(beloved *geli-ness* aka stupid you) n cj (too bad no name for you hor? XD)
sorry for being a terrible planner n let you guys waited n got so hungry T.T

my bad!
i'll be a better planner next time for sure

anyway we just randomly walked around jusco just now
went to makan at food court
as everyone was hungry
n i don't know where to go at that time so we end up eating in jusco food court >.<

after lunch
we went to padini giordano n mng to try out some clothes
i tried two pieces today * ngek ngek *


totally syok sendiri >)
i think i look cool wearing this top
especially when i put on de hoodie XD
* syok sendiri-ness Xp *

then we went mng too
cheeann showed me this top n i went to try
surprisingly it look really good on me XD * i think *


n really sexy too
kinda stylish deep V top * ngek ngek*
love it!

but then when i have a look at de price tag
a knife stabs right through my heart

129bucks wey!

aihz why must it be so expensive =(
no discount somemore

really wanted to get it but
it's really expensive =(

aihz takda jodoh
so sad

after that we walked around jusco for awhile more
n everyone was really tired
so we came home

n just a moment later everyone was sleeping like piggies XD

exclude me
as i'm trying to settle de stupid internet connection
after so long finally settled n i get to online!
so damn happy XD

although i'm really tired but i don't plan to take nap
cause if i sleep now i'll end up to be more tired later >.<

so now i'm just waiting for them to wake up
then we shall go for dinner n parade later =)

oh if you're wondering why is there so many people following me back this saturday
it's because my whole family went to china without me for some far-far-away-relatives wedding dinner
n they asked me to come back to ipoh
to start de car engine (as they scare by de time they come back de car can't be start up swt)

bah whatever

being a host is really not easy no?
scare they might be uncomfortable to stay in my place
scare they might be bored to death (there's not much entertainment in my house >.<)

but i'll try my best anyway
alright i shall go n get ready for de night

muacx for everyone that reads my blog X3
* although i know there's just a few people that read my blog *

but still MUACX! muahahahahaha XD
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