Saturday, June 27, 2009
- lonely weekend -
a really lonely weekend for me
friends that i normally hang out with all also not in ipoh
so sad no? * sigh *

although i've got no one to accompany me
but still i went out to jusco alone to shop

it's a shopping day for me! argh!
shopping makes me happy
since i was really down last night n also for de past few days

even though it was just me alone
but i still had fun * with myself what de fuck *

i went giordano first to try this top again

de prisoner look! XD

yes again as in i tried this top last week
really thought of buying that time but then when i try again this time
it has a different feeling
so i end up not buying this top

then tried on some other tops too

but never buy in de end pun XD
perhaps giordano clothes really not my style >.<

after that i went padini concept store
walked around n tried on a few clothes
forgot to snap pictures ==
however i did snapped de one that i love de most XD

shirt n jeans shorts! =D

for de shirt i tried m size at first but it was abit loose somehow
so i tried on de s size

surprisingly it fits me too XD
n i prefer more fitting n body hugging top especially for this kinda top =)
so that i won't look so fat * ngek ngek *

after 2hours plus in jusco
this is what i got for myself

de set i love de most X3

total damage for today is 177bucks * expensive betui for these two pieces == *

but it's like so weird
s size top but l size shorts

such a huge hips i'm having
fuck ==

n why am i writing this in my blog?!
fuck times two ==
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