Wednesday, June 10, 2009
- kill me twice -
firstly i'm already recovered from de fever n bla bla bla
obviously it wasn't dengue fever
thank god
but still having slight flu
n it still not willing to recover i don't know why =.=

secondly i finally know de reason of de mood swing
you got it right ms. moi
it's once a month thingy swt
finally after all de miserable days n moments n hating myself for de mood swing i got to know de reason why de mood swing strikes me all of a sudden
thank god twice
i'm a happy person once again XD

thirdly i paid 100bucks to park at de roadside in utar
it's like what de fuck =.=
i'm lucky enough to kena de ballot for de parking sticker like kena lottery
yet i'm not lucky enough to find a parking place this morning (9th i meant) =.=
obviously there's not enough parking slots in utar plus it's may intake
before this it's already like people mountain people sea n car mountain car sea
now it's people-car mountain people-car sea times two
cars everywhere =.=
ah n bikes too

last but not least
de weather in kampar is so fucking hot >.<
not even one drop of rain since de day i back to kampar =.=
i have to bath like at least 4-5 times a day
oh i love to bath nowadays swt~
but i hate to get out from de shower
cause i'll end up sweating again right after de shower =.=
n there's bugs non stop attacking me n my room
not only i have to bear with de heat
now i have to bear with de itchiness that those bugs gave me
what de fuck

i miss ipoh
i miss my home n i miss my daddy mommy T.T
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