Saturday, June 20, 2009
- it's all bout stupid you -
oh well just as de title said
today it's all bout stupid you - de rabbit XD

he used to be so cute in this size =3

n now he has turned into this size =.=

gigantic =.=

somehow he like my carpet =.=

malay-lady man XD

he likes to bite
n he just kept on biting =.=

that's why my carpet having holes right now =.=

this is how he looks like when he's surveying de area or wanna get something that's higher than him

weighing himself XD
* lame *

de first time i see him sleep with eyes closed XD

normally his eyes open widely when he sleeps

jumping onto his cage to pee or poo from de top * sometimes * =.=

n still biting =.=

looking inside de toilet as if he's waiting for someone

* woo does that means he saw ghost or something like that? interesting XD *

de recent him

he's getting bigger n bigger ( or should i say longer n longer =.= ) recently
not that cute but still berry cute XD

this fella can be really VERY naughty at times

for example

to jump onto my bed when i'm sleeping
after a few times hitting his butt n throw him back to de floor he's still coming back =.=

put him into de cage n don't let him come out just end up waking me up by biting n pushing de cage door =.=

bite my stuff like
my beloved earphones T.T
my indoor slippers
plastic bags =.=
my weighing scale >.<
n de handphone string that cheechee bought me for my birthday T.T

i have to keep almost everything away so that he couldn't reach them

luckily my laptop charger wire n de internet cable wasn't place on de floor
or else =.=

he can be real annoying sometimes
but he's still cute n i still love him XD
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