Monday, June 22, 2009
- i'm sorry -
i know it strikes you all in a sudden
i know this time it's a bad breakup
i know n i admit i didn't handle it well
i know you felt that i've been playing with your feelings
i know i hurt you
i know i'm de bad one this time
i know you hate me
i know no matter what i said now is just bullshit to you
i know now you won't give a fcuking care whatever i bullshit out there

i know

n there's nothing i can do nor say anymore

but i just wanted to say
all along this i'm being true towards you
n i never play with your feelings

i loved you

but i felt we're incompatible for each other
yet you don't even realize that

i don't know how to continue anymore
maybe i'm already tired of this relationship
maybe i'm just a selfish person

my problem
my bad
my fault

i don't wish things to end up like this

yet things forced me to end all this by saying something that i don't wish to say
in order for you to let go

i know i hurt you deeply

i'm sorry

all this might just bullshit to you i know
but i just wanna let you know
i'm serious in this relationship from de beginning
i tried n i've failed

but if you think that i'm just playing with your feelings
i can't say nor do anything but just sorry
chuilynn says at 1:00:00 AM
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