Wednesday, June 03, 2009
- genting trip day two part three -
i not sure whether how long we spent in that shop
but it's quite long la haha

kesian those guys
wait til hungry d XD

so after that we went to de old town kopitiam opposite de outdoor theme park
makan makan n makan

kesian garlic bread floating on my hazelnut white coffee >.<

camwhore while waiting

after lunch we went back to outdoor n continue play X)

paktor-in with darling hehe

totally syok sendiri XD

shot one

shot two (exhausted) Xp

alright then lepak here n there for awhile
off we go n continue with de rides
first stop

4th ride - merry go round

because of just finish eating
so we went merry go round

to avoid from vomiting XD

after that we went for de extreme one

5th ride - space shot

queue-in up

yay =D

whee~ space shot!
my favourite of all =D

just went twice only this time
still syok anyway XD

after that my friends went to de go kart thingy
but i'm not really interested in it
n it's such a long queue

so i just sit n waited n talk on phone with someone there bluek

6th ride - tea cup

pose! =D

siao geh playing this one
our cup kept on spinning n spinning n spinning almost non stop

fuh i can feel de hazelnut white coffee n bread spinning in my stomach after that
but still can tahan XD

then after that we continue lepak around
as de sky getting darker
so we went for de flying dragon ride n that's our last ride for that day

7th ride - flying dragon

after that ride we're like totally exhausted ( at least i am >.< )
while we're on our way back to hotel
we posed n took pictures in front of de london bus XD

then stopped by some stalls at de outdoor theme park there
n took some silly pictures

soh soh geh this gang of people XD

then when we're back in hotel room
i wasn't feeling too well plus got too tired
so after bath i straight away went to sleep
sleep all de way til de next morning =S

oh well that's how we spent our day two in genting
what a tiring day XS
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