Saturday, June 27, 2009
- lonely weekend -
a really lonely weekend for me
friends that i normally hang out with all also not in ipoh
so sad no? * sigh *

although i've got no one to accompany me
but still i went out to jusco alone to shop

it's a shopping day for me! argh!
shopping makes me happy
since i was really down last night n also for de past few days

even though it was just me alone
but i still had fun * with myself what de fuck *

i went giordano first to try this top again

de prisoner look! XD

yes again as in i tried this top last week
really thought of buying that time but then when i try again this time
it has a different feeling
so i end up not buying this top

then tried on some other tops too

but never buy in de end pun XD
perhaps giordano clothes really not my style >.<

after that i went padini concept store
walked around n tried on a few clothes
forgot to snap pictures ==
however i did snapped de one that i love de most XD

shirt n jeans shorts! =D

for de shirt i tried m size at first but it was abit loose somehow
so i tried on de s size

surprisingly it fits me too XD
n i prefer more fitting n body hugging top especially for this kinda top =)
so that i won't look so fat * ngek ngek *

after 2hours plus in jusco
this is what i got for myself

de set i love de most X3

total damage for today is 177bucks * expensive betui for these two pieces == *

but it's like so weird
s size top but l size shorts

such a huge hips i'm having
fuck ==

n why am i writing this in my blog?!
fuck times two ==
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
- sighs -
i wanted to say hi

but you looked away
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Monday, June 22, 2009
- i'm sorry -
i know it strikes you all in a sudden
i know this time it's a bad breakup
i know n i admit i didn't handle it well
i know you felt that i've been playing with your feelings
i know i hurt you
i know i'm de bad one this time
i know you hate me
i know no matter what i said now is just bullshit to you
i know now you won't give a fcuking care whatever i bullshit out there

i know

n there's nothing i can do nor say anymore

but i just wanted to say
all along this i'm being true towards you
n i never play with your feelings

i loved you

but i felt we're incompatible for each other
yet you don't even realize that

i don't know how to continue anymore
maybe i'm already tired of this relationship
maybe i'm just a selfish person

my problem
my bad
my fault

i don't wish things to end up like this

yet things forced me to end all this by saying something that i don't wish to say
in order for you to let go

i know i hurt you deeply

i'm sorry

all this might just bullshit to you i know
but i just wanna let you know
i'm serious in this relationship from de beginning
i tried n i've failed

but if you think that i'm just playing with your feelings
i can't say nor do anything but just sorry
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Saturday, June 20, 2009
- it's all bout stupid you -
oh well just as de title said
today it's all bout stupid you - de rabbit XD

he used to be so cute in this size =3

n now he has turned into this size =.=

gigantic =.=

somehow he like my carpet =.=

malay-lady man XD

he likes to bite
n he just kept on biting =.=

that's why my carpet having holes right now =.=

this is how he looks like when he's surveying de area or wanna get something that's higher than him

weighing himself XD
* lame *

de first time i see him sleep with eyes closed XD

normally his eyes open widely when he sleeps

jumping onto his cage to pee or poo from de top * sometimes * =.=

n still biting =.=

looking inside de toilet as if he's waiting for someone

* woo does that means he saw ghost or something like that? interesting XD *

de recent him

he's getting bigger n bigger ( or should i say longer n longer =.= ) recently
not that cute but still berry cute XD

this fella can be really VERY naughty at times

for example

to jump onto my bed when i'm sleeping
after a few times hitting his butt n throw him back to de floor he's still coming back =.=

put him into de cage n don't let him come out just end up waking me up by biting n pushing de cage door =.=

bite my stuff like
my beloved earphones T.T
my indoor slippers
plastic bags =.=
my weighing scale >.<
n de handphone string that cheechee bought me for my birthday T.T

i have to keep almost everything away so that he couldn't reach them

luckily my laptop charger wire n de internet cable wasn't place on de floor
or else =.=

he can be real annoying sometimes
but he's still cute n i still love him XD
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Friday, June 12, 2009
- you still sux! -
after one sem

utar you still sux to de max


* why do i have to come to utar? oh yea thanks to de brother ish *
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
- kill me twice -
firstly i'm already recovered from de fever n bla bla bla
obviously it wasn't dengue fever
thank god
but still having slight flu
n it still not willing to recover i don't know why =.=

secondly i finally know de reason of de mood swing
you got it right ms. moi
it's once a month thingy swt
finally after all de miserable days n moments n hating myself for de mood swing i got to know de reason why de mood swing strikes me all of a sudden
thank god twice
i'm a happy person once again XD

thirdly i paid 100bucks to park at de roadside in utar
it's like what de fuck =.=
i'm lucky enough to kena de ballot for de parking sticker like kena lottery
yet i'm not lucky enough to find a parking place this morning (9th i meant) =.=
obviously there's not enough parking slots in utar plus it's may intake
before this it's already like people mountain people sea n car mountain car sea
now it's people-car mountain people-car sea times two
cars everywhere =.=
ah n bikes too

last but not least
de weather in kampar is so fucking hot >.<
not even one drop of rain since de day i back to kampar =.=
i have to bath like at least 4-5 times a day
oh i love to bath nowadays swt~
but i hate to get out from de shower
cause i'll end up sweating again right after de shower =.=
n there's bugs non stop attacking me n my room
not only i have to bear with de heat
now i have to bear with de itchiness that those bugs gave me
what de fuck

i miss ipoh
i miss my home n i miss my daddy mommy T.T
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Saturday, June 06, 2009
- kill me -
i had fever AGAIN
last month i had fever n this month i have fever again

not just fever
i had body ache n headache

there's once i suspect myself kena dengue fever
then i went to check de dengue symptoms from de website

it says de signs n symptoms for dengue were
- High fever (104 F, 40°C)
- Chills
- Headache
- Red eyes, pain in the eyes
- Enlarged lymph nodes
- Deep muscle and joint pains (during first hours of illness)
- Loss of appetite
- Nausea and vomiting
- Low blood pressure and heart rate
- Extreme fatigue

don't think it's dengue fever though i'm having chills headache muscle n joint pain n extreme fatigue
i just kena four out of ten symptoms
n i don't have any rashes over my body

so i think i can be relief a little bit

but i'm still having headache slight fever (as i'm getting better) body ache n gastric

gosh just kill me
it could be much faster
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alright day three only one post no worries XD
cause i'm tired already

as you all know i like to schedule my posts
so i wrote all at once >.<

we woke up pack our stuff n went for brunch

after brunch before we separated into groups again to shop or lepak on our own
we had a final group picture

ah love all of you XD
had lots of fun going trip with you guys =3

alright lazy to type jor
i'll end this post with my camwhore picture * again XD *

byebye people! =D
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Friday, June 05, 2009
- i hate it -
i hate mood swing

one moment being happy another moment being moodless

when i got moodless i'll get grumpy

once i got grumpy i could be really rude when i talk to others

or i just don't feel like talking at all

or even got annoyed by something very easily

i hate me being that way

n i hate it when this happens

so people

if i really did offended you guys in some way

i'm sorry


this whole mood swing thing is driving me crazy

i hope it goes away as soon as possible


* alright i'm out *
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009
- genting trip day two part three -
i not sure whether how long we spent in that shop
but it's quite long la haha

kesian those guys
wait til hungry d XD

so after that we went to de old town kopitiam opposite de outdoor theme park
makan makan n makan

kesian garlic bread floating on my hazelnut white coffee >.<

camwhore while waiting

after lunch we went back to outdoor n continue play X)

paktor-in with darling hehe

totally syok sendiri XD

shot one

shot two (exhausted) Xp

alright then lepak here n there for awhile
off we go n continue with de rides
first stop

4th ride - merry go round

because of just finish eating
so we went merry go round

to avoid from vomiting XD

after that we went for de extreme one

5th ride - space shot

queue-in up

yay =D

whee~ space shot!
my favourite of all =D

just went twice only this time
still syok anyway XD

after that my friends went to de go kart thingy
but i'm not really interested in it
n it's such a long queue

so i just sit n waited n talk on phone with someone there bluek

6th ride - tea cup

pose! =D

siao geh playing this one
our cup kept on spinning n spinning n spinning almost non stop

fuh i can feel de hazelnut white coffee n bread spinning in my stomach after that
but still can tahan XD

then after that we continue lepak around
as de sky getting darker
so we went for de flying dragon ride n that's our last ride for that day

7th ride - flying dragon

after that ride we're like totally exhausted ( at least i am >.< )
while we're on our way back to hotel
we posed n took pictures in front of de london bus XD

then stopped by some stalls at de outdoor theme park there
n took some silly pictures

soh soh geh this gang of people XD

then when we're back in hotel room
i wasn't feeling too well plus got too tired
so after bath i straight away went to sleep
sleep all de way til de next morning =S

oh well that's how we spent our day two in genting
what a tiring day XS
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