Sunday, May 10, 2009
- it's time for a change -
not really a serious topic
cause what i wanna change is

handphone XD

yes ladies n gentlemen
once again i'm gonna buy a new phone

friends that know me long enough would say
" buy new phone again ar? "

ah oh well my dear friends
my beloved k750i had gone through ups n downs happiness n sadness with me for erm roughly more than two years
* not forgetting dropped her on de floor for infinity times *

it's time for her have a good long rest no? XD

n this time i wanted to get a slider phone
so at first i thought of getting this phone

Sony Ericsson C905

it's a 8.1 mega-pixel cyber-shot slider phone
fuh! 8.1 mega-pixel
plus berry many functions as well

berry attractive no?

it worth rm1.4k for AP n rm1.8k for ori =.=

abit too expensive i would say
plus my dad will be berry unhappy if i get this phone
* phone that worth above 1k consider as wasting money to him *

so i gave up de thought of getting this phone
so pretty yet i couldn't own her T.T

but my friend said this phone is like quite lag

actually it doesn't really matter to me
as G900 that i'm using now is quite lag also >.<

okay anyway move on


i thought of getting this phone after giving up C905

Sony Ericsson C702

this phone was OKAY
i meant 3.2 mega-pixel camera phone
de functions also okie la

it's around rm800 - rm900 i guess

but somehow sooner or later i don't really wanna get this phone d
* weird *

then i was thinking to get this phone

Sony Ericsson w760

before this i was aiming this phone
n it's quite some time ago
then eventually i forgot =.=

first of all it's a slider phone
with a 3.2 mega-pixel camera
* no auto focus too bad >.< *
then some normal functions

having auto rotate n motion gaming thingy
oh n aGPS n wayfinder navigator as well

n it's around rm700+
well it's not too bad no?

but then now i got this phone instead of w760

yes i said i GOT it
just bought it today (03rd of May 2009)
* it is a scheduled post XD *

oh well this babe costs me bout rm800+
both functions were almost de same but this babe have flash for de camera n bigger screen
so i chose G705 instead of w760 =3

so yeah~
i got myself a new phone =D

oh well oh well

such a big spender no? >.<
but i will take good care of her from now onwards no worries XD

* btw it's my own money *

* stabs heart *
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