Thursday, May 28, 2009
- genting trip day two part one -
finally day two >.<

3 posts for day one

not sure bout day two though * evil grin * X)

anyway day two we went outdoor
i'll just let de pictures do de talking alright
* yes i'm lazy XD *

1st ride - pirate ship

this ride is like so funny
there's this people that sit opposite us (strangers) kept on competing with us n see who shout louder
n of cause we're not willing to lose to them so we shouted back XD

haha so hilarious n so fun wei
soh soh geh whole gang of people XD

2nd ride - cyclone

kononnyaz malaysia's first roller coaster
we went for three times

first time play syok geh
de second time try to pose in front of de camera - but failed =.=
wanted to go for de third time but de guys wanna go for other rides >.<

3rd ride - spinner

yeah yeah this is nice XD
we even took videos for this ride
but soh soh geh so no need to upload here la Xp

alright part one until here first
part two coming up soon ;)

* 28th - penang-in! until 30th XD *
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