Friday, May 22, 2009
- genting trip day one part two -
alright part two is here X3

after a little rest bathed n dress up

ryan you "jia jia" de lo Xp

my pretty darling XD

we're all set n ready to go =D

then we're on our way


* it's a disco right? ah whatever X) *

another clubbing night swt~

jiahui =D

ryan you so bahagia no? XD

tracy ;)

de girls

phew-it~ pretty joan =D

cheeann ;)

me n darling * muah *

me lo who else? X)

what a retarded expression XD

me n kenneth aka stupid you XD

felix ;)

i'm not acting rude
i'm just showing off my ring XD

haha two pictures in a row me n leewee having de same pose
swt wei~ XD

whee~ X)

we drink n dance until erm
roughly 3 something or 4am
can't really remember

oh yeah
there's pussycat dolls * kononnyaz but really sexy ladies * on stage performance too

but i don't have de pictures nor videos with me
so oh well sorry dudes
no sexy ladies pictures for you guys XD

that's all for part two
part three coming soon * a short one hehe *

so just let me end this post with my camwhore picture bah X3

tata~ XD
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