Monday, May 25, 2009
- genting trip day one part three -
alright part three!
it's just a short one no worries
just some pictures of me doing silly stuff XD

so after clubbing
a few of us went to McD n sit for awhile
then we walk back to hotel

as you know to walk from safari back to first world hotel
it's actually quite some distance

n me
wearing high heels for de whole fucking night
my feet were like so tired n hurt so badly

so i decided


to take off my heels n walk back with barefoot! XD

ah this picture look more kesian X)

woo so cold at night
sore feet walk on cooling floor
it's actually quite nice XD

it's dirty i know
but i would do anything that could make my feet feel better XD

then when we gonna reach our hotel room
we saw some of my friends sitting on de corridor resting n eating cup noodles swt~

we joined them n sit there n chit chat abit
n that's when i do silly stuff again

i'm actually try to act emo
but it ended up looking more like a ghost X(

ghost ar!
alien ar!
monster ar!
allah ar!

whatever ar =.=

n then all of us went back to our room
clean up n off to sleep

what a night

it's quite nice to be with a bunch of friends in night club
can siao(crazy) together

not bad XD
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