Tuesday, May 19, 2009
- genting trip day one part one -
right a day after de bbq (9th of may)
me n my classmates (total 13 people) went for a 3 days 2 nights genting trip XD

we went by van n started off from kampar at 0830 in de morning

been sick for de past few days
luckily i never fever that day
or else i'm just gonna stay n rest in de hotel room for a few days like last time >.<

lucky lucky XD

anyway genting trip posts will be loaded with PICTURES XD

in van with my darling XD

act "yeng" pula swt~ Xp

camwhore XD

part of de gang

me n ryan ;)

waiting for lunch >.<

on de way for lunch

aiks kena tangkap Xp

lunch at pizzahut =D

then back to first world hotel for check in =.=

me n darling X3


de girls =D

joan cheeann n me

tracy =)

cheeann =3

jiahui X)

siao siao geh Xp

candid shot X3

de TARC gang XD

me n leewee =)

alot of pictures taken in first world lobby cause we're waiting to check in XD
after check in we went back hotel room n had a little rest
then off we go again to lepak around

then there's this thai fair thingy
with some deco there
so i grabbed an umbrella n camwhore with it Xp

oh oh n i bought something from this thai fair too

cute no?
cheechee my suipoh this is for you! XD
touched not? hehe

then we went bumcity n saw these

teddie bears!!! =D

* leewee remember what you owe me ya =D *

ah then i bought these from bumcity too
for myself Xp

say they're cute! =D

they are so cute right? =3
especially there's call or sms coming in or going out

their head got light one er XD

act cute in bumcity with de ring XD

kena tangkap again

it's so candid X3

hmm basically we just walk here n there
then stopped by to look at de stage performance awhile

then continue lepak around until dinner time

on de way for dinner with my darling hehe

her tiny finger tempo tattoo n my new ring from bumcity! XD

oh mention of tempo tattoo
i got one for myself too =D

lower back * ngek ngek *
no picture though hoho

alright dinner time
i had this grilled salmon which de portion of de salad itself is bigger than de salmon =.=
* totally speechless *

i am still acting cute Xp

after dinner we decided to go to de ripley's haunted adventure inside first world plaza

when i'm counting how many people playing (cause i need to buy tickets)
there's this ghost looking fella (ripley's people who responsible to scare n also attract de tourists)

he's trying to scare me by standing behind me secretly n waited for me to turn around
i think he expects me to get shock n scream

but then when i turn around
i looked at him
n i smiled n waved to him instead of scream n run XD

then he felt so dulan n then walked away
damn fun wei haha XD

i wonder why i never even get shock
plus my friends never even tell me when he secretly stand behind me
supposingly i should be surprised
but i no reaction at all =.=

by de way there's too many of us so we were separated into two groups
oh they wanted us to wear this 3D shades i assumed
but i can't see a thing with that shades

so basically i don't know what happenned inside =.=
instead of screaming
i kept on laughing XD

after that all of us went to de back to hotel room again
rest awhile bathed n dress up


here comes de part two of day one * ngek ngek *
next post XD
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