Monday, May 04, 2009
- freedom! -
freedom finally! XD

finished exam on 2nd of may phew
fucking happy X3

but honestly i did quite badly this sem
aihz fucking sad n pathetic
i rather not to talk bout it >.<

anyway on 2nd of may
we (me n my friends) went back to ipoh for clubbing
consider as my first time clubbing actually

last time i don't really get it why people like to club so much
now i understand

de alcohol n music will make you high n totally into de mood of clubbing swt
* i won't get addicted for clubbing geh Xp *

i had two bottles of carlsberg beer only that night
i must remain conscious cause i'm de driver for that night
plus i don't wanna drink so much
so yeah just two bottles =)

i've uploaded some pictures to facebook n friendster
but i'll upload some here as well la =)

bear in mind
all camwhore geh cause no time take pic XD

just a few pictures
cause most of de time i spent time to camwhore alone XD

so after voodoo club our next stop is McD
cause we need to take a break before driving back to kampar >.<

then we camwhore again XD

de lighting there is nicer * ngek ngek *

so overall
i enjoyed my night =)
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