Friday, May 15, 2009
- bbq session -
on 8th of may
we (me n my classmates) had a bbq session in front of my place in kampar

de bbq session supposed to start at 7pm
but end up starting de bbq at around erm 8pm or 9pm

i can't really remember actually
cause i was kinda sick that time
having slight fever n sore throat >.<

anyway me lazy to elaborate
so see pictures bah people XD

oh de pictures below i HAVE to elaborate abit
these two classmates of mine abit abnormal geh
we have huge fire over there for bbq
but they decided to build their own bbq fire =.=

abnormal people =.=

their tiny winy bbq fire
but only can reheat de chicken wing =.=

oh n sausage too =.=

camwhore session XD

soh soh geh this bunch of people XD

- de end -

genting trip coming up next XD
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