Sunday, May 31, 2009
- genting trip day two part two -
part two~ =D

so after spinner we went into this shop
beryl's chocolate wonderland

whee~ choco!
shopping! XD

so nice right de deco there X3

fuh choco pool =3

de easter eggs deco were like so cute no? X3

no idea what ryan doing behind there =.=

so cute no?
hmm how come i never see this geh >.<

de choco my friend bought for his gf
so sweet no? hehe

me with my chocos * ngek ngek *

de choco i bought XD

but for my family also geh
not only me alone eat one okay? Xp

oh yea in this shop
if you shop n your total purchase is above 50bucks
you'll get to make your own choco

so nice no?

erm n i spent 50bucks
so of cause i get de chance to make my own choco as well XD

first we have to follow this guy instructions
step by step

de instructor filling de melted choco n put it into a plastic bag

again we're separated into two groups again
three person a group

first fill de melted choco into de mold thingy
after that put some nuts in de middle
then cover with melted choco again

lastly deco de choco with some sugar deco =)

we had videos for it
divided into two parts XD

kinda long-winded
so if you don't wanna watch just see pictures bah Xp

me looked so "lady" in this apron no? XD
honestly you won't see me in apron ger lo haha

finished deco lu =D

darling's =)

jiahui's =3

present you my creation XD

de girls creations =D

mine mine! =D

nice not nice not? =3

actually de first one i put a heart on it first
thought of adding stuff to it later

then i moved on to de next one
after i finished de others then when i come back to de first one
i got lazy so i just leave it like that X3

actually it look not bad also ma right just one heart
just as ryan said : simple is de best XD

oh i gave it to him =)

ah well
sorry people i have to make day two into three parts again >.<
sabar la sabar XD
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Thursday, May 28, 2009
- genting trip day two part one -
finally day two >.<

3 posts for day one

not sure bout day two though * evil grin * X)

anyway day two we went outdoor
i'll just let de pictures do de talking alright
* yes i'm lazy XD *

1st ride - pirate ship

this ride is like so funny
there's this people that sit opposite us (strangers) kept on competing with us n see who shout louder
n of cause we're not willing to lose to them so we shouted back XD

haha so hilarious n so fun wei
soh soh geh whole gang of people XD

2nd ride - cyclone

kononnyaz malaysia's first roller coaster
we went for three times

first time play syok geh
de second time try to pose in front of de camera - but failed =.=
wanted to go for de third time but de guys wanna go for other rides >.<

3rd ride - spinner

yeah yeah this is nice XD
we even took videos for this ride
but soh soh geh so no need to upload here la Xp

alright part one until here first
part two coming up soon ;)

* 28th - penang-in! until 30th XD *
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
- T.T -
i passed all my papers

n i got B+ for my main paper

that makes my first sem in utar's cgpa 3.3 T.T

i'm berry happy with my result

thank god *muah*

* view de result page over n over again just to make sure i takda ngan fa (see wrong) *
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Monday, May 25, 2009
- genting trip day one part three -
alright part three!
it's just a short one no worries
just some pictures of me doing silly stuff XD

so after clubbing
a few of us went to McD n sit for awhile
then we walk back to hotel

as you know to walk from safari back to first world hotel
it's actually quite some distance

n me
wearing high heels for de whole fucking night
my feet were like so tired n hurt so badly

so i decided


to take off my heels n walk back with barefoot! XD

ah this picture look more kesian X)

woo so cold at night
sore feet walk on cooling floor
it's actually quite nice XD

it's dirty i know
but i would do anything that could make my feet feel better XD

then when we gonna reach our hotel room
we saw some of my friends sitting on de corridor resting n eating cup noodles swt~

we joined them n sit there n chit chat abit
n that's when i do silly stuff again

i'm actually try to act emo
but it ended up looking more like a ghost X(

ghost ar!
alien ar!
monster ar!
allah ar!

whatever ar =.=

n then all of us went back to our room
clean up n off to sleep

what a night

it's quite nice to be with a bunch of friends in night club
can siao(crazy) together

not bad XD
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Friday, May 22, 2009
- genting trip day one part two -
alright part two is here X3

after a little rest bathed n dress up

ryan you "jia jia" de lo Xp

my pretty darling XD

we're all set n ready to go =D

then we're on our way


* it's a disco right? ah whatever X) *

another clubbing night swt~

jiahui =D

ryan you so bahagia no? XD

tracy ;)

de girls

phew-it~ pretty joan =D

cheeann ;)

me n darling * muah *

me lo who else? X)

what a retarded expression XD

me n kenneth aka stupid you XD

felix ;)

i'm not acting rude
i'm just showing off my ring XD

haha two pictures in a row me n leewee having de same pose
swt wei~ XD

whee~ X)

we drink n dance until erm
roughly 3 something or 4am
can't really remember

oh yeah
there's pussycat dolls * kononnyaz but really sexy ladies * on stage performance too

but i don't have de pictures nor videos with me
so oh well sorry dudes
no sexy ladies pictures for you guys XD

that's all for part two
part three coming soon * a short one hehe *

so just let me end this post with my camwhore picture bah X3

tata~ XD
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