Monday, April 20, 2009
- here come finals again -
finals coming soon
i meant real soon

my first paper is on this saturday

oh gosh
i'm still relaxing over here
giving excuses for myself to being lazy
* pathetic *

luckily this sem i only got three subjects
two of em' were LAN subjects that doesn't count in de result's cgpa
* that's good *

but it's still something that i need to study hard on it >.<
pengajian m'sia is pretty tough for me as in i fucking hate history
but still i will try my best to memorize all those stuff =.=

another one
data structure n algorithms
de only subject that counts in cgpa in this sem

i hope i could have at least 3.0 or above for my first sem in utar
so which means i'll need to get at least a B grade for it

while i'm hoping that i could get an A-
if i could then my cgpa would be pretty yummy no? XD

but that's de most difficult subject of all for this sem
at least it is for me >.<
so i don't even know whether i could get a C for pass or not =(

however i will try my best
to get a good grade for my first sem =D

so wish me luck people >.<

won't be updating until i had my last paper on 2nd of may alright
i shall study! XD

* actually it's just an excuse for not updating my blog Xp *
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