Friday, March 13, 2009
- rest in peace -
12th of March was a very shocking day indeed
my classmate told me that a friend of mine passed away on 11th of March from a car accident

i was shocked at that very moment
thought he might be joking with me
unfortunately he wasn't

it's like on 11th's afternoon i saw him having lunch with friends
he was still there happily eating n talking to his friends

too bad i didn't get to say hi to him that time
thought that there's always next time
but there's no next time already
not anymore

somehow his face kept on appear in my mind
i felt really sad n sakit hati

life is like so unpredictable
no one would ever know what's gonna happen next

appreciate all de people n stuff around you while you still able to do so

my friend
though i wasn't really that close with you
but you'll always in my mind

rest in peace, my friend.
chuilynn says at 3:16:00 AM
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