Wednesday, February 25, 2009
- totally jadou =.= -
oh well perhaps utar wasn't that bad afterall
since they giving me a chance to park in utar now

yep i meant i have a car sticker to park INSIDE utar now

fuh what a relief =3

i really thought that i'll have to walk all de way from east gate to blocks for classes for de rest of de sem =.=
you won't know how suffer it is until you actually go n walk from east gate to de administration building n then rush back to some blocks for class

it actually took me fucking 10-15minutes to reach de administration building =.=

after that i have to rush all de way back to block E for class
* it's like one end to another end =.= *

oh well

for some reason
utar is now letting out another 50 car stickers to de online applicants that were failed to get de car sticker from de online registration previously * like me =.= *


perhaps utar wasn't really that bad

but then utar still sux

just not to de max
* well it's still almost to de max * XD
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