Saturday, February 28, 2009
- heels -
long long time * about a year or two * ago
i've bought this pairs of heels

gorgeous looking heels * to me *
bought it cause i thought i looked good in it =D

but right after i bought it home
i started to think
what on earth am i thinking when i'm buying this heels?

it's like fucking 4 inches tall! =.=
it's not like i'm really short or anything
don't really understand why did i buy this heels in de first place =.=

n for so long already
i didn't wear it out before
not even once =.=

so i decided to wear it out
for once! XD

n it's painful i tell you
blisters >.< damn sakit wei~
but i still think i looked good in it

so it's worth it XD

oh then last saturday i had an outing with lingsim
after movie we started to lepak in jusco
she's like craving for heels somehow

then we went nose vincci n chadstone n start looking at heels

i've been looking for white heels for some while as well la
but then some of it it's just not comfortable wearing it
* maybe it's my big foot problem =.= *

except for this one

found it in chadstone
it's not that it's really berry comfortable wearing it la
at least i won't suffer from walking in it

been thinking n kept on thinking whether should i buy it ornot
mommy will for sure nag me for buying heels again
* i've tons of heels at home but most of them were abandoned by me =.= *

but in de end i can't resist de temptation n bought it =.=
n it's 3.5 inches tall

new white heels for me =D

so yay~! XD

hope i really get de chance to wear it often
or else i'll be wasting money again =.=

n definitely need to put some cushion thingy in it
or else my foot gonna suffered from de pain of those blisters again =.= * sien *
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