Saturday, February 21, 2009
- drying my clothes XD -
oh well since i'll be in kampar for like 4 to 5 days everyweek
mommy wouldn't be in kampar to help me to wash clothes
there's no washing machine as well T.T


even if there is a washing machine i couldn't use it as well
cause i don't know how to use washing machine =.=
* as i don't do housework at home *

oh well so i don't need a washing machine afterall
it's just some shirts n undies n bras =.=
hand washing would be fine >.<

n no i didn't send my clothes to laundry
* as they provided us laundry service as well *
i'm not as lazy as that hmmph >S

oh well to dry my clothes
i use this method

i used panorama shoot mode
so it turned out to be a little bit senget

fuh it's cloth lines!

as i don't wanna hang my just-washed-n-still wet clothes inside my room nor bathroom
so when my semester first started
i asked a friend of mine come n help me out

i thought it would be an easy job * for a guy *
but apparently it's harder than i thought =.=

he had to climb out to this tiny balcony n helped me tie de cloth lines >.<

n he told me that he wasn't a scout when he's in secondary school
oh it makes thing harder =.=

n when he wanna come back in
erm there's some difficulty
it's pretty difficult for him to climb back in =.=

seeing him all sweaty n stuff i felt so paiseh n mm hou yi si >.<

oh well anyway he still succeed in de end

thanks to him

my clothes are happily hanging outside of my room =D

but at de mean time
somehow i kept dropping those cloth clips =.=

i began my clothes-drying-journey * what de fuck is that anyway =.= * with 10 cloth clips
n now it left only 6 on de cloth lines n 4 on de floor >.<

such an achievement eh * dgn sarcastically *

i did tried to pick them up * for a few times *
but i almost fall out of my window * e-berry-time i tried to pick them up * =.=

if i really try hard to pick them up
i think i'll end up killing myself by falling out from my window n head knock to de ground or de balcony bar n somehow fall down from de balcony
* shock n scream as if it really did happen =.= *

so i think i should probably just prepare more cloth clips instead of trying to pick them up =.=

oh well
anyway everything were fine for de clothes-drying-journey * =.= *

except for de sunlight is never on my side =.=

de rooms opposite mine =.=

at least i got wind to dry my clothes T.T
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