Tuesday, February 17, 2009
- =D -
proudly present you
teddie! =D

it's a boy it's a boy =3
somehow i just wanted to make a boy teddy bear

fuh i spent a really long time to decide which clothes to buy for him

after that i have to think of a name for it somemore =.=
* headache *

oh well obviously i can't think of a better name for him
so i just named it Teddie
* what~ teddie sounds cute also what >.< *

anyway he's in my car now
sometimes i'll let him stay in my room
but mostly he'll be in de car la XD

fuh de price eh?
since it's a customized teddy bear
so de price is erm..
slightly higher than de ordinary teddy bears

i don't want an ordinary teddy bear
i want a customized one

n now i've got one whee~ =D

oh yea i'm a spoilt brat sue me! XD
chuilynn says at 12:56:00 AM
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