Thursday, January 22, 2009
- unknown cuts n back luck? -
i added two more unknown cuts on my arm
hurray~ =.=

i have no idea how n where did i get this 6.5cm cut
n yes i actually went n use a ruler to measure how long de cut is Xp

then just a few days ( or was it just one day) later

i added another unknown-but-shorter-cut on my arm

then it's just like one or two more days later
ANOTHER cut was added to my arm

i really wonder hor~
what if there's one day my whole left arm is full with these unknown cuts =.=

i've still no idea where i got those cuts from though >.<

i'll just try to be more be careful n less clumsy
* i think i'll end up having more new unknown cuts sooner or later *

bah i don't wanna care d la =.=

oh n i was cleaning my room one day
n all of a sudden de mirror from my wardrobe fall
n it end up like this

am i going to have bad luck? =(
chuilynn says at 7:12:00 PM
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