Friday, January 02, 2009
- solar doll =D -
finally i bought what i wanted for so long

yay! =D

finally i found it! =3
in genting bumcity >.<

how come i never find it in ipoh's bumcity? =.=

oh well
i just got it =D

really berry happy =3

oh n i got this as well =D

de fishing one
aww it's really cute wasn't it =3
i like this alot as well =)

ain't there just plain cute =3

i wonder which to put in my car which to put in my kampar's room =D

i think de happy sad face one i'll put it in my car
while de fishing one i should put it in my kampar's room =)

or sometimes i should just switch them =D

oh i found something that i couldn't find for so long at last on de first day of 2009 =D

it should be goodluck =)
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