Tuesday, January 06, 2009
- kampar o kampar =.= -
phew finally i get to online dgn normal-nyaz~
as maxis sux to de max in de place i'm staying >.<
alright i shall just update bout my NEW kampar life n uni life

let's just start with de day i move to kampar eh
erm oh well long rough day anyway
settled all my stuff by 8pm n went dinner with parents
after that i got my FREEDOM! finally haha for now >.<

my room was pretty CLEAN n EMPTY * thanks to daddy n mommy! XD *
hope my room won't get as PACKED as angeline's * laugh dgn evil-ly XD *

oh then today i went to de orientation thingy
oh god so fucking bored man >.<
well basically i went there around 8am
finished registration by 9am
then some boring briefing started at 10am =.= sharp

means that i waited for like an hour over there
luckily i have a friend with me or else i'm so gonna bored to death man =.=

during de whole briefing
i was day dreaming - online with my phone - talk to my friend - sms most of de time =.=

oh well de briefing ended around 1230pm
went lunch with friends * i had coke for my early lunch Xp *
after that i went home
n realised that i couldn't on msn with my maxis unlimited 3g plan >.<

oh well thanks to angeline n her friend
i got to online because angeline's friend borrowed me de internet cable XD
yay~ thank you angeline's friend! =D * i think his name is john *

oh well i'm gonna skip de second n third day orientation as it would be super duper boring =.=
de second day it would be ice breaking thingy n some talk or something like that
i heard that de ice breaking thingy it would be games involved with water >.<
i'm totally so not gonna participate =.=

third day it would be career talk n stuff
nah i'm not interested in it

however i'll be in kampar until friday
just chill n relax here
though nothing much to do

oh well still i got to online here
it's good enough =D

oh as for my housemates
i still didn't get to talk much to most of them
* i mean ALL of them *

they slept at 11pm last night omg! XS
while i slept at 4am >.<
i wonder can i really mix with them =.=

i hope so * pray *

ah that's all for now
i need to nap as i just slept for 3 hours plus last night
night people XD
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