Saturday, January 24, 2009
- de queue -
UTAR people crazy ger

de picture below was taken on de second day to apply de car sticker thingy
it's around 0200pm that time
n de office reopen at 0230pm
n people already started to queue up again
it's like what de fuck =.=

* couldn't take all of them
what you expect from a phone's camera *

this is de second day n it already that amount of people

image de first day >.<
de office opened at 0830am
i reached there at 0835am * roughly that time *
n i roughly estimated there's around 200-300 people queue-ing up
it's like what de fuck * again * =.=

oh well
chuilynn could never get a UTAR car sticker like that

fuck de utar car sticker n fuck utar n i don't give a damn

i'll just park outside or take bus
* kinda impossible for me to take bus actually *

it's like whatever~
chuilynn says at 2:08:00 PM
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